Vim helpfile syntax

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official helpfile docs :help help-writing


projsync.txt         Description of Module

Author:     Will Pittman
License:    BSD
Requires:   git

INTRODUCTION                                        *projsync*

This is a module that does X
whenever you're in situation Y
isn't that great?

CONFIGURATION                                     *projsync-configuration*

More writing. Still more writing.
still more writing. This is the configuration section.


The first and last lines in the file are the most important:

  • The first word in the first line must be the helpfile's filename.
  • The last line should be a modeline that at the very least specifies to use ft=help


Vim HelpFile Syntax
CONFIGURATION *project-configuration* Heading/Help Tag help tags are indexed - so that you can jump to a section from the vim CLI: :help project-configuration
'filetype' Vim Function if you are referring to a vim option (ex: set filetype=), it should be within single-quotes.
project-configuration| Help Link Clicking on this will redirect you to a help-tag with the same name.
Hotkeys~ Column Heading (subtitle) Words ending in '~' get highlighted, and are intended to be used for sub-titles.
let var="hello"
echo var
Multiline Ed Commands lines between '>' and '<' are highlighted differently, and are intended to demonstrate an ed code-block.
{lhs} ? lines between curly brackets are highlighted differently
<PageDown> Key Names Words between '<' and '>' are highlighted differently. ( Ex: <CR> )
"emphasis" Bold Words between double quotes are to indicate emphasis. Note that the quotes are not hidden.

Generating TagFiles

" navigate to your vim plugin's rootdir
:helptags doc/