Storm engine

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Storm engine is used in Akella's Sea Dogs games. It's toolset is extremely old, and is dependent on Maya5.0. I started modding with this while in school, and I've recently become nostalgic for it.



* assets require a locator at (0,0,0) called 'BaseLocator' which indicates groundlevel
* props should face x- (where x-arrow points)

Learning Resources modeling basics (using maya) list of tools used in modding Pirates Ahoy C lang intro for storm engine


Exporting a Character (without skeleton, but in TPose)

* if this is an AOP game other than POTC, create `engine.exe`
  in $INSTALLDIR. (allows ines diaz tool to properly locate 
  skeletons, textures, etc)

* open Inez Dias `tool`

	* choose a character from $INSTALLDIR/RESOURCE/MODELS/characters/*.md
	  (I suggest a character that is builtin to the game - otherwise custom
	   animations/skeletons may be in use)

	* extras > raise arms

	* file > save vrml as > yourfile.wrl

	* $MAYAINSTALL/bin/wrl2ma -i yourfile.wrl -o

* open Maya, and edit mesh

Exporting a Character from Maya (without skeleton, but in TPose)

* export to VRML

* open VRML in `tool.exe`

* Character > Bind

* Cycle Animation (to see if changes worked)