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Console Commands

Searching for Items, Locations, People

help Lydia 0
    • Note, the first 3 0's in an item name can be ignored. so for example item /000669A5/ (leek) can also be referred to as /669a5/
    • Also Note, Hex Codes are designed so you can keep your left hand on the home row, and just dial numbers on the numpad. Super convenient!!

Quest Editing

If you corrupted your save file, or you have ran into a bug in a quest, this should help you get through it without too much suffering.

To complete a quest stage from the console:

getstage questnumber stagenumber

if you locate your quest on, scroll to the bottom for their Quest section. You will see a graph like this:

The Blessings Of Nature (T03)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry

To Advance from stage 10 to 25 of The Blessings Of Nature(T03) you would enter:

setstage T03 25

Player Stats Tweaking

  • player.advskill destruction 1 gain 1 experience point in destruction.
  • incpcs lightarmor gain a skill point in the listed skill. All bonuses included.

Fast Travel

Travel/Search coc EldergleamSanctuaryExterior Transports you to the Eldergleam Sanctuary
help breezehome 0 Searches for a place called BreezeHome, and returns the proper name for use with coc
Bring Companions
prid 000A2C94
moveto player
Move Lydia To Player

Resurrect Essential NPCs

prid 1C606 selects NPC (in this case Maurice Jondrelle) moveto player summons character (or character's corpse) resurrect 1

if resurrect 1 does not work, enable then resurrect 1

Adding an object to your inventory

  • player.additem 000669A5 5 this add's 5 of item 00069a5

Adding gold to merchant

  • save
  • kill merchant
  • reload


adding gold should work, but in my experience it did not

  • open console (~), and click on merchant
  • additem 0f 5000 (add 5000 gold to merchant)

Other Commands:

resethealth sets target's health to full