Saltstack patching

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You can patch specific problem versions of saltstack if you encounter a bug in saltstack itself.

Patch Specific Salt-Minion Versions

These instructions let you patch a salt module/state for a specific range of salt-minion versions, and fall back on the installed version if not a part of that version range.

Determine versions of salt being used

sudo salt '*' test.version
sudo salt-run survey.hash '*' test.version  # (more concise)

Copy problematic salt module or state to your custom modules/states dir.

Rename it so that it does not clash with the existing module.

cp /usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/salt/modules/ \
   /home/salt/saltstack/states/_modules/   # <-- note 'override' suffix

Rewrite the __virtual__() function.

#: name of module. ex: ``salt-call module.func``
__virtualname__ = 'virtualenv'

def __virtual__():
    """ returns name of module (and uses it) if version of salt-minion
    version does not start with 2019 or 3000.
    broken_versions = ('2019', '3000')
    if __grains__['saltversion'].startswith(broken_versions):
        return __virtualname__
    return False

#: ...
#: your modified salt module/state
#: ...

the __virtual__ function returns the name of the module/state if environment is determined to be suitable. If not, it returns `False` .


  • we renamed the module so it does not replace the builtin one
  • user modules are earlier on the PYTHONPATH than builtin modules

If this module returns `False`, then it will fall back on the builtin module.