Rust documentation

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Generate/View Docs

cargo doc --open  # build, and view docs (current project, and it's dependencies)



doc-comments are written in markdown, and code-blocks default to rust as the language.
assertions written in doc-comments are run with your test-suite.

//! # My Module (doc-comment for enclosing item)
//! This module does foo, and bar, and baz.
//! (can be used for functions, but not idiomatic)
//! (often used for crates)

/// Feeds the cat  (doc-comment for following-item)
/// # Examples
/// ```
/// let name = "mycat";
/// let success = feed(name);
/// assert!(success);
/// ```
fn feed_cat(name: &str) -> bool {

Common Headers

It's customary to write the following headers:

Examples sample of use
Panics scenarios when this method panics
Errors the error types that may be returned
Safety if function is unsafe, why