Python profiling

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Profiling is the act watching how long it takes for your code to run.


Even following object deletion/gc, python will not necessarily release memory to the OS.
It is critical to encapsulate memory-hungry sections of your program in separate processes.
Consider serializing data in a short-lived process, then referring to it by index to keep peak memory usage low.
See python traps for more details.

python tracemalloc memory profiler builtin to python-3.4+
python memory_profiler python wrapper that outputs a top-like table summary of memory usage
python pympler
python objgraph filter-by/produce graphviz graphs of objects in memory
python resource bulitin lib to examine/modify resources used by current program
python guppy detailed memory profiling



python timeit
python cProfile
python pprofile


python vprof a truly excellent profiler. it's actually convenient.
python runSnakeRun my favourite - python2 only
python snakeviz decent profiler, python3+