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codemod facebook code-refactoring/preview tool

Voice Coding

voice coding general general articles, tutorials on voice coding
voicecode [discontinued] macos/dragon naturally speaking
talon opensource/cross-platform, dragon naturally speaking or included backend
aenea opensource, dragonfly(dragon naturally speaking)
caster opensource, dragonfly(dragon naturally speaking)
python dragonfly cross-platform, multi-backend speech-to-command lib
dragon naturally speaking paid speech recognition engine
voice2json cli tools for speech recognition

Handwritten Coding

handwriting recognition general

Version Control




Environment Management

shadowenv set environment variables as you cd into directories
direnv set environment variables and perform actions as you cd into directories

Build Automation

Build Systems
make Gnu build-automation tool (targets single os, single compiler)
cmake Cross Platform/Compiler build-automation tool.
qmake Qt build-automation tool
Build Toolchains
rez manage build-instructions/builds/dependencies across a variety of environments/platforms (win/maya-2016, win/maya-2018, ...)
build2 C++ build toolchain/cross compiler (includes MSVC builds from linux!)
GN C++ build toolchain/cross compiler built by google for chromium
minidev Burke's opensource version of dev
Continuous Integration Servers
buildbot very customizable free CI server
jenkins user-friendly CI server
travis CI CI server with integration with github

Resource Monitoring

vmmap windows memory analysis tool
udmh windows process heap dumping tool

Language Specific


gdb the gnu-debugger

Executable Information

pev details of a win32 executable from linux

ML Assisted Completion

tabby self-hosted github-copilot-alike