Programs: mail clients

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Mail Sending
msmtp simple smtp server
Mail Storage
offlineimap synchronize imap, and a local maildir
isync synchronize imap, and a local maildir
imapfilter move/sort email messages into folders (on an imap server)
Mail Authentication
mailctl renew/authorize OAUTH2 tokens
Contact Management
khard CLI carddav contacts manager (uses vdirsyncer)
abook Simple, offline contacts system (integrats with mutt)
baikal CarDAV server
radicale CarDAV server (less compliant)
CLI Clients
mutt CLI based mail client.
neomutt mutt with several patches applied overtop
meli mutt-inspired CLI mail client
alpine CLI based mail client.
GUI Clients
nylas n1 modern mail client. extensible, still under decelopment, cross platform. Beats geary.
geary mail client
claws mail good, flexible gui mail client. simple. fast.
thunderbird Mozilla's mail client. Does not support maildir (no offlineimap)
evolution Gnome's default mail client (and calendar tool).