Programs: calendars

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CalDav/CardDav Servers

davical Most clients seem to be built with this server in mind. haven't set it up.
baikal Lightweight CALDAV Contacts/Calender server.
radicale Lightweight CALDAV Contacts/Calendar server
vdirsyncer like offlineimap for caldav

CalDav/CardDav Clients

emclient Mail/Calendar/Contacts (windows only)
korganizer Contacts/Calendar (unix only)(awesome)
evolution Mail/Calendar
khal CLI Caldav client
calendar-cli CLI caldav client with todo support
infocloud calendar/todos/contacts PHP webapp (creators of caldavzap)
caldavzap calendar/todos PHP webapp
agendav calendar/contacts webapp

Tasks Systems

calcurse cli calendar with notifications and todolist
taskwarrior CLI task-management system
todoman local/offline caldav cli task-manager

Other Systems

remind complex calendar and reminder system
gcalcli Google Calendar CLI client