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Programs: ios
Programs: android
Programs: mobile

Core Systems

programs: filesystems
programs: disk management
programs: init systems
programs: kernel
programs: boot managers
programs: boot loaders
programs: networking
programs: coreutils
Programs: shells
programs: terminals
programs: remote administration
programs: package managers
programs: graphical environment
programs: display managers
programs: window managers
programs: taskbars
programs: audio system
programs: video system
programs: notifications
programs: backup
programs: monitoring
programs: resource management
programs: misc
programs: text


programs: mouse, keyboard, and gamepads
programs: keybinding
programs: printers
programs: scanners
programs: ios
programs: android
programs: mobile
programs: optical disc
programs: soundcard
programs: bluetooth


programs: virtualization
programs; containers
programs: system emulators

Core Programs

programs: terminal
programs: editors
programs: cli programs
programs: version control
programs: file managers
programs: web browsers
programs: mail clients
programs: messenger clients
programs: news readers
programs: clibpoard and screencapture
programs: downloading
programs: office
programs: misc
programs: programming

System Administration

config orchestration
file sharing
system security
mail server
search engines
data recovery
programs: message queues
programs: caching
programs: metrics
programs: systems orchestration


programs: images
programs: video
programs: audio
programs: emulators
programs: books
programs: media archiving
programs: gps
programs: file archives
programs: media conversion
programs: media metadata
programs: web servers
programs: web authoring
programs: web apis
programs: ai


programs: documentation
programs: bugtrackers
programs: calendars
programs: project management
programs: visualization


programs: art generic
programs: art painting
programs: art animation
programs: art video editing
programs: art 3D

OS Systems

When programming tools for the operating system.

Linux Systems