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Outward is an RPG games about survival/exploration.
It is built using the unity3d engine with csharp.


gamepedia https://outward.gamepedia.com/Outward_Wiki
gamerguides https://www.gamerguides.com/outward/guide


${STEAMAPPS}/common/Outward/SaveGames outward savegames
${STEAMAPPS}/common/Outward/OptionSettings.oos outward settings (graphical/etc)


outward configuration
outward intro
outward skills
outward magic
outward crafting

Debug Mode

Dropping the empty file DEBUG.txt within outward's data directory enables special options.
There's all sorts of cheats (invulnerability, equipment does not degrade, etc) but very useful options:

  • F1 - summon item (get travel biscuits if needed)
  • F2 - character (warp to cities)
  • F3 - skills (learn skills missed if cierzo burns)