Mediawiki configuration

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Web Configuration

There are certain special pages that can be created in your wiki to configure your wiki's parameters, CSS styles etc. The following are links to my personalized settings pages.

MediaWiki:Geshi.css Configures text between <syntaxhighlight> codeblocks
MediaWiki:Common.css Configure the global CSS settings for the entire wiki
MediaWiki:Sidebar Configure the main sidebar
Special:UncategorizedTemplates List of templates (ex: todo, warning, expand, ..)


This is where most configuration happens.

Reverse Proxy

mediawiki prefers to get it's own domain, rather than be placed on a route ex:
You can however place it on a different port on the root domain.

You will need to set the $wgServer = "//x.x.x.x:80"; within your LocalSettings.php
(omitting http/https means it will use whichever was used to access site).
This must be the domain-name or ip-address you want mediawiki to use when clicking on links.

If your internet goes down and you are using a domain, you can safely set this to your loopback addr
and continue using mediawiki on your local network.

Permanently Delete Pages

The following script will delete all previously deleted/revisions of old pages.