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Mediawiki is the program that runs wikipedia. You can build your own wikis.


official docs
sidebar docs
offline support


root directory
/var/log/mediawiki/mediawiki.log mediawiki log (see LocalSettings.php $wgDebugLogFile)
/var/log/php-fpm.log php-fpm log (see php-fpm.conf)
/var/log/nginx/*.log nginx logs

Special Pages

modify sidebar Mediawiki:Sidebar
modify css stylesheet MediaWiki:Common.css
modify <source> css stylesheet MediaWiki:Geshi.css
templates (TODO, NOTE, ...) Special:UncategorizedTemplates
list of redirects/aliases Special:ListRedirects


mediawiki install
mediawiki maintenance
mediawiki features
mediawiki configuration
mediawiki extensions
mediawiki troubleshooting
mediawiki syntax