Home Network Schema

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This is starting to get complicated, here's a map.


provider name ip description
Profoak.png ProfOak Main server, hosts jails, runs cron backup jobs
Gitbox.png gitbox Private git repos
Wikinotes.png wikinotes Public Notes
Honeydew.jpg honeydew Personal Notes
Marlowe.jpg marlowe RSS News Reader
Melody.png melody IRC (ZNC, Bitlbee, Skype, Discord)
Velma.png velma Calibre-Server (ebooks)
Yubaba.png yubaba Server Monitoring
Morpheus.png morpheus CalDAV/CarDAV Calendar & Reminders Server.
Barbossa.png barbossa SFTP
Watson.png watson Blog
Groot.png groot ZFS Storage Server, Samba Shares
Saltmaster.jpg saltmaster My saltmaster server
DigitalOcean.png digitalocean https://digitalocean.com VPS provider
Lavos.png lavos https://willpittman.net bastion server
Dns.png DigitalOcean's DNS service
Aws.png amazon web services https://aws.amazon.com VPS provider
TodoImage.png todo
Kaepora.png kaepora ?? Secrets DB


Mordin.png mordin DHCP Workstation laptop
fog DHCP Workstation laptop
Wintermute.jpg wintermute DHCP My workstation
ToferBrink.jpg tbrink DHCP HTPC, Emby
Giles.png giles DHCP Alex laptop


hydrospanner DHCP pinephone!


Agnes.png agnes DHCP College laptop. Master workstation, painting workstation.
Serenity.png serenity DHCP LivingRoom MediaPC, emby-server
Profoak.png ProfkOak General multi-purpose home-server and file-server.
Mercbugs.png mercbugs Bugtracker for use at Mercury (replaced with mercgitlab, better bugtracker)
Solaire.png solaire Remote CLI: calendar, mpd, IRC, news, mutt
servers: mercgitlab ? Bugtracker for mercury (replaces mercbugs)
Mordin.png mordin Programming APIs and Documentation (I believe this became covered by satrepo... it should be recreated though...)
tmawiki TwistedMtn Animation wiki
Mercwiki.png mercwiki Mercury TD/Pipeline Notes
Anette.png anette Mail Server for receiving all logs from all servers
Heimdall.png heimdall Media Streaming (currently mpd only) (Emby/Plex moved to serenity)
brunowiki Bruno's mediawiki
Enderman.png enderman Minecraft Server
DigitalOcean.png General multi-purpose home-server and file-server.
Adonea.jpg adonea VPS for hosting various freebsd jails
Watson.png Personal Blog (jekyll)