Heroic games launcher

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epic games launcher for linux/macos/windows.
builtin support for running games in wine.


github https://github.com/Heroic-Games-Launcher/HeroicGamesLauncher


aura -A heroic-games-launcher-bin



Use heroic to start the launcher.

Purchasing Games

Purchase games from epic's online store https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/

To purchase games from linux, You'll need to override your browser's user-agent string to report yourself as using windows.
See firefox for instructions.

Steam Proton

- choose a game:
  - settings:
    - wine version: 'Proton - Proton 5.0'

debugging, or winetricks

- install winetricks
- choose a game:
  - settings:
    - help:       # prints all wine paths, winetricks etc
    - winetricks: # launch winetricks within this wine prefix

using the indicated WINEPREFIX